"In our borderless but limited existence there is no world and us: We are the guest and the host, we are all and we are one, in and out, all at once, and all the time"

                                                                                   Fatma Goutali, Artist




Unifying Potentials for the Future - Culture for Peace (UPF - Culture for Peace) is a comprehensive initiative that aims to create a dynamic platform for our common sustainable future. It is to architecture a global reach by enabling talented and engaged individuals (as well as institutions and associations) from various fields of culture (science, arts, sports, and the like), to support sustainable balanced and harmonious societies.



The basic tools of the Initiative's activities relate to the design, implementation and realization of projects from different fields of culture, the organisation and support of individual cultural events, the presentation and promotion of artists, scientists and cultural workers, as well as the presentation and promotion of their (peace-related) works and activities.

The interaction of (applied) sciences and arts within the broader environment is a focal content of the activity and the leitmotiv in their implementation.



The basic prerequisite and precondition for the creation, existence and maintenance of societies and organisations oriented towards the advanced peaceful future is the existence (or establishment) of social values ​​in which it primarily and intensively develops, supports and perceives a culture based on the initiation, creation, development and exchange of human ideas, knowledge and talents.



The establishment and enhancement of a peaceful society embedded in the environmental harmony is the only possible way forward, towards a sustainable future. To its biosocial equilibriums, it presupposes the existence of supporting web of culture, creative ideas, skills wisdoms and talents. And vice versa: The culture of supporting various ideas, knowledge and talents, directed towards a sustainable future, presupposes the existence / establishment of a peace society and its organisations.



With our utmost pleasure, we are presenting the next artist and its

selected work ‘Big Bang’ under the auspices of our project



‘Let us pause, reflect, look inwards for answers and get in touch with our true nature. We are not separate from the world, we are not guests in it, we are part of it and it is part of us’

(‘Big Bang’ / Fatma Goutali, Artist)


"Big Bang"; of young Artist Fatma Goutali is a digital drawing, picturing the

universe inside-and-out of a woman`s womb. In this work, Goutali refers to the

Budha nature, or the true Self that is present in all human beings. She does

invite viewers for the question: Where do we come from? Are we really separate

from the world? Or, are we inseparable segments of a Big creation? What is it so

permanent that unites us all? After all, what is a meaning of Here-Us-Now, and

is our presence only the future that still dares not to come?


Fatma Goutali is an emerging Tunisian artist. Having lived in Pakistan,

Argentina, South Africa, and Russia, she holds rather unique style that reflects

her culturally rich background of walking different worlds of four

continents. Early in her life, she became interested in philosophy and the human

condition. Her artworks display glimpses of Sartre`s Existentialism and Camus’

absurdism. Fatma expressions are near dance between letting go and being in the

moment vs a deep quest of the human essence. A tango between spirituality and

existentialism on a humorous and sometimes sarcastic background tune.

Fatma participated in several successful Tunisian animated short films (with

Tunisian artist Nadia Rais). She also had numerous solo exhibitions, in Pretoria,

South Africa, and collective ones in Tunisia, respectively. She likes to playfully

tease and encourage people to question their existence or certain social

conditionings. Her art is one of her tools to reconnect with the universe`s

creative energy (https://goutalifatma1.myportfolio.com/work )



The project "’Culture’ for sustainable future: art/artists in fore- and background" is conceptualized as a long-term, gradually evolving and enlarging, message of visual arts.

The content of this message should correspond to a specific topic (as the central constant of the long-term cycle):

"Sustainable Future - quo vadis: Process, metamorphosis, directions of movement (motion) of matter and spirit as essential building elements of being (existence)".

The very message senders are artists from all over the world, from different fields of visual arts (sculpture, painting, photography, design) with their chosen works that reflect/express the above stated theme.

The works will be presented as a front posting (on the start-page of this website), and will rotate during the year, changing every two months. In that way the artwork presented will be the first visual impression of the ‘Culture for Peace’ website. 

The artworks themselves will be exhibited within the Culture for Peace project at annual exhibitions and presentations of the project (in various countries as well as annual in-house exhibitions).

The content of the project will thus create interaction between wider audiences and artists with their respective works from different corners of the world. 

The ultimate goal is to provide an open stage, a platform for the artists' inspirations, works and messages that initiate (inter)actions between authors and audiences – all aimed at the creation of a pacific and balanced society as a sine qua non for our planetary sustainable future.


Project ‘Narratives of Hope: Applied Science in the culture’ gives a floor to experts from different scientific and cultural fields. The leitmotiv of all topics, irrespectively from their thematic or performing diversity, is clearly set: Sustainable futures. In the closing, rep-up segment of these events, a microphone (for Q&A) always goes to young generation. For all the others in audience that is an opportunity to listen and get inspired – by words (or performances) of experts. It is a novel journey by content and style through the challenging and engaging topics facing the forthcoming generations.


(in elaboration/planned) - estimated start of the project: 2020





Vienna, Austria

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